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Commercial Business

Every business, no matter the size of the operation, needs to protect its employees and assets. I can help you choose the right insurance for your unique business needs, insuring liability, company vehicles, worker’s compensation and more in one convenient place.

The BusinessMax® Advantage

Farm Bureau’s BusinessMax business insurance is designed to help shelter your commercial business from potential losses and keep it running smoothly should the unexpected occur. Designed as a packaged policy that provides both property and liability coverage, our BusinessMax policies are tailored to your specific business needs by your Farm Bureau agent.

Coverage Options Include:

Business Property

Protect your property and everything inside that helps your business run. This coverage includes protections for buildings, inventory, tenant improvements (such as fixtures and installations), leased property, and exterior building glass (if you’re a tenant in a building you don’t own).

Business Liability

Business liability claims can be unpredictable and potentially devastating to your business. This coverage protects your business from the costs of covered liability claims and lawsuits. BusinessMax coverage provides for defense costs, in addition to the liability limits selected on the policy.

Business Vehicle

The Business Auto policy includes auto liability and auto physical damage coverages, for vehicles used in your business operation. Business owners generally need to include coverage for the use of a non-owned or hired (leased or rented) auto. The Business Auto policy addresses the auto needs of commercial businesses.

Data Breach

With data breaches making the news on a near-daily basis, you want to keep your business out of the headlines. This coverage can provide reimbursement for costs associated with investigating a breach, notifying affected customers, restoration services for affected individuals (such as credit monitoring and ID theft protection), and liability protection if someone accuses your business of a data breach.

Electronic Commerce

If you sell and accept payment online, consider this coverage. It protects from loss associated with data loss from corrupted software. For example, a florist’s website goes down the day before Valentine’s day. An outage like this has the potential to cost the florist a significant portion of their income. This protection will protect from loss of income during the period the site is down.

Employment Practices Liability Coverages

When you have employees that help you run your business, you are open to employment related risk. This coverage helps you defend against employment claims alleging age, gender or race discrimination, sexual harassment or other wrongful employment acts. It protects you against charges brought by not only full, part-time, temporary and seasonal employees, but also applicants and volunteers. Also, ask your agent about 3rd party coverage, which defends against 3rd party allegations against your business.

Business Umbrella

Umbrella policies earn their name by arching over existing coverages and providing an extra layer of liability protection. A business umbrella policy can pick up when the liability limits of your BusinessMax coverage are exhausted. 

Workers' Compensation

When employees are out with an injury or illness, your business can suffer. Workers' Compensation coverage can help you focus on your business and your employees focus on getting healthy and back to work. This coverage pays certain benefits for employees who experience injury, illness or death during their employment with you. I can suggest coverage to help ensure you are adequately covered and complying with state laws.

We take your business seriously. Your local Farm Bureau agent will help ensure that all areas of your business have the proper protection. We look for potential risks, and help you ensure you’re covered so you can focus on what you do best – operating your business.

It's your future. Let’s protect it.®

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